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Dagger (khanjar) and scabbard

Dagger (khanjar) and scabbard



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Purchased 1 April 1990.

Physical Description

The blade is curved and double-edged. The point is slightly reinforced, and a medial rib with a fuller at either side runs from a carved lotus bud at the hilt to the base of the point. Towards the guard the edges are bordered by shallow fulllers. The quillon block is made in one with the blade, in the form of a curved shoulder and a cylindrical collar. These are decorated in gold koftgari with lotus buds in a boxed border.

The hilt is of rock crystal, with two faceted ears forming the pommel. It is decorated with ninety five rubies in gold settings. The scabbard is later. It is of wood covered with green cotton, with a chape and locket of gilt copper. The internal edges of the fittings are scalloped to fretted lotus bud finials, and the chape terminates in an onion finial. The surfaces are decorated with finely punched flower buds in a lozenge diaper.


BladeLength261 mm
ScabbardLength313 mm
OverallLength382 mm

Inscriptions and Marks



Bibliographic References

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Compare the khanjar in the Bernd Augustin collection, Hamberg (G.N. Pant, 'Indian arms and armour', Vol. 2, Delhi, 1980, pl.CCXXXIV). The hilt is close to that of a kard in the Maharaja sawai Man Singh Museum, Jaipur, no.1275 (Victoria and Albert Museum, 'The Indian heritage', London, 1982, no. 417, p. 130).