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Needlefire bolt-action rifle - Bijou rook and rabbit rifle

Needlefire bolt-action rifle - Bijou rook and rabbit rifle



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not known

Physical Description

The action has clusters of scroll engraving and is border lined. In a ribbon on the left side is 'Jno. RIGBY & Co' in old English letters. Number 1484 in bed of receiver.
Two-piece stock the fore-end retained by one slide with oval engraved iron escutcheons with screw extensions. Horn fore-end and pistol gripcaps, chequered fore-end and half pistol grip. Plain iron buttplate with tapered pointed tang which is scroll engraved.
Full octagonal barrel, with multi-groove rifling, of plain blued iron, top flat full-length matted, with panel at breech engraved 'JOHN RIGBY & Co DUBLIN & LONDON'. Thin, long blade foresight dovetailed into muzzle parallel with bore.
Backsight is block with two leaves hinged forward, graduated for 50, 100, and 150 yards, dovetailed into barrel well forward of fore-end. This has been moved forward from original position


BarrelLength24.06 inhes
BarrelLength611 mm
OverallLength1029 mm


Serial Number 1484


0.4 in



John Rigby and W.N.Norman's Patent No.899 of April, 1860 refers.

See XII.3385 for explanation of action.
double numbered with XII.10820 (to be deleted)