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Centrefire underlever breech-loading military rifle - Deeley-Edge-Henry Rifle

Centrefire underlever breech-loading military rifle - Deeley-Edge-Henry Rifle



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Transferred or purchased from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), 1962-63. RUSI No.5303. Deposited with RUSI by Major J.E.Caunter, being surrendered to him by the Boers in 1900

Physical Description

The rectangular receiver has a round ring, and is stamped on the left side, MANUFACTURED BY WESTLEY RICHARDS & Co LIMITED BIRMINGHAM and with the Westley Richards trade mark of a triangle on top of the receiver ring. Beneath the breech lever which lies along the right side of the receiver is stamped DEELEY-EDGE PATENT.
The action is operated by depressing the breech lever on the right side, which drops the block, cocks the mechanism and operates the extractor. There is no safety device.
Two-piece stock, the fore-end retained by one slide with oval iron escutcheons and by being mortised into the front of the receiver. Black horn fore-end cap. Plain iron buttplate with hinged trap, and short rounded tang. Sling eyes on underside of barrel and underside of butt. Chequered fore-end and small.
Full round blued, tapered barrel with nocksform at breech. Stamped in rear backsight , HENRY'S PATENT RIFLING and on top of nocksform, RIFLE FOR No 2F CASE. On the left side of the barrel are Birmingham proofmarks for 52 bore and the number 1372. Bead foresight on shallow base, dovetailed into raised block at muzzle. The backsight is of Cape type, with block graduated for 50 yards and two flip-up leaves graduated for 100 and 200 yards. Ahead of these a leaf with slide is hinged with spring in bed beneath, graduated from 300 to 1200 yards


Dimensions: Overall length 47.25 in (1200 mm), Barrel length: 30 in (762 mm)


Serial Number 1372


.450 in No. 2



Deeley, J and Edge, J.S Patent No.1241 of March 21, 1881 refers.