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Sword (wakizashi)

Sword (wakizashi)



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Lanthorn Tower 1985.

Physical Description

The blade is shinogi zukuri with a ihori mune, shallow tori zori, slight fumbari and a medium length kissaki. The tang is long and tapering, ubu and mumei with a kurijiri end and diagonal file marks. The hamon is of groups of three gonome separated by shallow hollows, the hada is ko itame and the boshi is kaen with considerable kaeri. The Habaki is checkered all over.
The hilt is covered with top quality same and bound with yellow cloth wrapped around paper to form a braid. The fuchi / gashira are of iron decorated with Chinese sages under a pine tree. The menuki are the Buddhist guardian statues, nio, in shakudo and gilt. The tsuba is brown patinated yamagane, pierced and chiselled in the round with high curling waves; both hitsu ana are plugged with shakudo and the nakago ana is fitted with copper inserts to fit the tang. The scabbard is covered in thin black lacquer, combed in transverse striations and fitted with a flat silver kojiri, horn koi guchi and a guribori kurigata.


Dimensions: Length of blade is 444 mm, sori is 10 mm, width at machi is 25 mm, width at yokote is 17 mm and the length of kissaki is 25 mm. The length of the saya is 570 mm and the length of the hilt is 180 mm. Weight: Weight of blade 0.35 kg.

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Places Japan


A fine blade and hilt that may have been put into the present scabbard during the 19th century.