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Dagger (aikuchi)

Dagger (aikuchi)



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Rowntree collection no. 14, 1964.

Physical Description

Hirazukuri, ihori mune, muzori (virtually without curve). Narrow sugu ba of nioi with a kaen boshi with almost no kaeri. The hada is masame with some itame and prominent utsuri running along the back of the blade. The tang is o-suriage, almost parallel, with the remains of the original tang hole at the tip. The file marks are horizontal.
The scabbard is of black lacquer dusted with green flecks of raden. The tapered kojiri is of polished shakudo decorated with applied silver kirimon, as are the other mounts. The scabbard is fitted with a kogatana the kodzuka of which is polished shakudo with applied gilt kirimon, and a hole through at the top. The kogatana blade is cut with two grooves in which is a signature 'Noshu Seki ju ??'. The hilt is wrapped with white thread and in place of menuki has a large silver chrysanthemum ornament that frames the mekugi hole.


Dimensions: Length of blade is 21.8 cm, width of blade at machi is 1.6 cm and the thickness across the back at the machi is 0.9 cm. Weight: Weight of blade is 0.145 kg.

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Places Japan

Bibliographic References

T Capwell Knives, daggers and bayonets, London, 2009: 246


These very thick, acutely pointed blades are known as 'armour piercers' yoroi doshi becoming popular in the Muromachi period.