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Sword (katana)

Sword (katana)



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Presented by J.R. Gaunt and son, 1956.

Physical Description

Blade The blade is of shinogi zukuri form with slight fumbari, tori zori, ihori mune and medium length kissaki. Long tapering tang, o-suriage with two holes and a clipped end. The blade has a horimono of a stylized ken on the omote and two grooves and a bonji on the ura. The hamon is gently undulating large gonome, the tops breaking into small choji. The hada is tight ko itame and the boshi is jizo head with a short kaeri.
Hilt of wood covered with good quality same and bound with blue braid having a chevron pattern weave. The fuchi / gashira are of red copper with a slight ishimei texture decorated with applied gilt butterflies; the menuki are sheaves of rice in gilt metal. The tsuba is a mokko shaped iron plate chiselled, but not pierced, with a dragon and tendrils with some gilding, in a nanban style. The reverse is chiselled with flames whilst the seppa dai is decorated and silvered. Two hitsu ana filled with shakudo plugs. The scabbard is covered in thick brown lacquer with an irregular swirled texture and is fitted with a red copper kojiri of pointed shape engraved with karakusa tendrils and a copper kurigata engraved with a shishi.


HiltLength217 mm
KissakiLength28 mm
BladeLength593 mm
ScabbardLength617 mm

Inscriptions and Marks



Places Japan, Bizen


A good quality sword with mixed fittings that may well have been together for a long time.