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Percussion muzzle-loading musket - Ships Musket

Percussion muzzle-loading musket - Ships Musket



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Transferred via Amnesty 1968 from Northumberland Police. no.47. Recieved November 1971.

Physical Description

Stocked to 43/16 ins of the muzzle, the barrel retained by two pins and the upper sling loop screw. The bayonet stud acts as foresight. Brass furniture closely resembles military type but is smaller and poorly finished. The three ramrod pipes and fore-end cap resemble the India Pattern, the trigger guard and buttplate the Pattern 1842, and the sideplate with a woodscrew through the centre as the New Land Pattern. The stock has been stained or painted, and is probably pine or birchwood, being light in weight and colour. The lower sling loop is through the front of the trigger guard bow.
The full round barrel bears commercial Birmingham proof marks for 10 bore on the left breech, of the 1813 pattern.
The lock resembles the Pattern 1839 but is not a conversion from flintlock. The surface is flat with a slightly rounded edge, with double border lines stamped on it and on the heavy Lovell-style cock. Ahead of the cock is stamped Tower and a Crown is stamped on the tail. The nipple seat is of Lovell pattern.
This is a pattern of musket commercially produced in great numbers during the middle years of the 19th Century in Birmingham to supply a wide variety of markets. But old catalogues generally describe this pattern as a 'ship's musket' although they appear also to have been used for trade purposes


Dimensions: Overall length: 49.25 in (1251 mm), Barrel length: 33 in (838 mm)


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.81 in


Places Britain