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Gun - 32 pounder, smooth-bore breech-loading (SBBL)

Gun - 32 pounder, smooth-bore breech-loading (SBBL)



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The cascable is completely cut off behind the base ring, and the bore is carried through to the breech. The gun was then fitted with a breech screw on the interrupted-screw plan. Obturation was afforded by the Elswick cup and copper ring. A slightly enlarged chamber is formed by boring out the metal in front of the obturating cup to a distance of 4 inches. the shoulder thus formed becomes a stop for the loaded case shot. The gun is radially vented with a copper bush.





BarrelLength96 in
BarrelLength2438 mm
BarrelWeight2134 kg
BarrelWeight4705 lbs


Serial Number 21


6.25 in


Places Britain


This gun was manufactured originally as a 32-pounder cast-iron muzzle loading gun of 42 cwt (Monk pattern introduced in 1838) and converted to breech loading in order to obtain a convenient piece for firing case shot in the flanks and approaches of permanent works.
T.B. Monk
Clerk and Draughtsman in the Department of the Inspector of Artillery proposed that the range of heavy guns could be increased by reducing the thickness of metal at the chase and increasing it at the breech. A56 pdr gun of Monk's design was successfully tested at Deal in 1839 and taken into service in 1842. His design for a 130 pdr gun was rejected in 1855. (W.O.44/630, W.O.44/640, W.O.44/524. See also, H. Wilkinson, 'Engines of War', London, 1841, pp.53-4).U