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Right tasset (incomplete)

Right tasset (incomplete)



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Bowyer Tower, 1990

Physical Description

It is formed of four medially ridged, upward overlapping lames, widening towards the lower end. The lateral edges have elaborately roped partial turns, accompanied by a recessed border enclosed by a narrow rib which is roped to match the outer edge. The lames are joined to one another at the outside by a single column of brass-capped, round-headed sliding-rivets. The lames were further joined to one another at the outside and at the centre by internal leathers secured in each case by a single column of externally flush rivets. Both leathers are now missing except for a fragment surviving at the centre of the fourth lame. A single column of decorative, brass-capped, round-heade rivets occupy construction-holes corresponding to the rivet-holes for the inner leather. The decorative rivet in the second lame now passes through the hole for the leathering-rivet in the first lame, thereby rigidly securing the two lames together to compensate for the loss of the the connecting-leather. This rivet is fitted with a square, internal washer. To further compensate for the loss of the connecting-leathers, the second to fourth lames have been rigidlt secured to one another by small, round-headed rivets situated just to the inside of the original rivets for the inner rivets. The third and fourth lames were at one time similarly secured to one another, just to the inside of the medial ridge, by a rivet which has since been removed.The second and fourth lames are fitted at either end, in their recessed borders, with externally flush lining rivets. The firs lame is pierced near its upper edge with a total of six holes. The outermost hole is for the missing sliding rivetThe second hole from the inner end, which has boken out to the edge, is for the missing decorative rivet. Three of the other holes may at any one time have been used to strap the tasset to the skirt of the cuirass. Just to the outside of the slot for the sliding rivet on the fourth lame is pierced a small hole of uncertain function.
The pauldron is etched down its centre with a broad band of trophies on a stippled ground. The band is enclosed to either side by four narrow, plain lines, to the outside of which, on each lame, is etched a small volute. The recessed borders and the upper edges of each lame are etched with narrow bands of running foliage on a stippled ground. These bands are enclosed to either sideby by a single, plain line.
Painted black.


Dimensions: Height: 15.0 cm (5.9 in), Width: 21.5 cm (8.5 in), Weight: 0.31 kg (0 lb 10.75 oz)

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