Object Title

Flintlock military pistol - Sea Service Pattern

Flintlock military pistol - Sea Service Pattern



Object Number



Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Lock 5.37 in, flat double border line engraved, crown/GR,with TOWER marked on tail of lock, crown/2 stamp below pan, flat ring neck cock associated topjaw and screw missing, lock defective, frizzen spring missing, foreward curl to tip of frizzen.
Stock complete/bruised, pattern brass furniture, brass ramrod pipe and tail pipe cast in one piece with a 1/4in window, brass trigger guard with acorn tip at front, brass butt cap smooth, rounded with short ears, and a single steel screw, brass side plate 4.9in long, with two steel screws, a steel belt hook pitted 7.25in long, NO apron carved around barrel tang, ramrod missing
Barrel 9in long, Proof and View marks on left rearof barrel, crown on top rear, crown/3 stamp over pan,crown stamp on tail of tang


OverallLength15.75 in
BarrelLength9 in


Serial Number None visible


.56 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Broad arrow/BO on right rear of stock, stamp marks next to rear of trigger guard


Places Britain