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13 in mortar and bed - Land Service Pattern

13 in mortar and bed - Land Service Pattern



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Having cylindrical barrel with flat moulding flanked by flat fillets at muzzle and single flat fillet ahead of breech. Flat muzzle, plain semicircular dolphins, pan placed in forward edge of deep D-shaped vent patch. Left trunnion incised with a cross ( one line in axis to bore and one at right-angles to this). Right trunnion unmarked. Muzzle has single incised fore-and-aft line as foresight. The bed is a large iron casting of rectangular plan. Large flat-headed iron pegs project one from each corner for manoevering with handspikes. Beneath the muzzle is a heavy slab passing between the sides of the bed and beneath the breech is a ramp-supported seat for the barrel. The trunnions of the barrel sit in notches in the upper edges of the cheeks and the barrel is secured by massive capsquares, each fastened by a large iron strap held to the bed by large dome-headed bolts with large square nuts. Area of dmage to iron work on rear transverse section of bed. A shell, formerly painted red, is wedged in the muzzle


Dimensions: Mortar, Length overall: 37 in, Width at muzzle: 26.5 in,, Bed, Length overall: 69 in, Width overall: 51.5 in (less pegs 40.25 in),, _ Overall height of Mortar: 42.5 in Weight: Mortar: 1829 kg Bed: 2743 kg


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13 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Mortar: 'L Board of Ordnance arrow M' '4' '36-1-0' left trunnion: '15 45 75' within quarter segment of cross each degree marked. Same in opposite quartile. Left side of bed: 'No 4' on capsquare and two straps '54-0-18' right side of bed: 'No 4 ' on capsquare and two straps 'L' 'M' '4'


Places England


Shell removed 1985