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Left pauldron

Left pauldron



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Bowyer Tower, AS 44 (1990)

Physical Description

It is now formed of three medially-ridged, upward-overlapping lames, representing the upper part of the pauldron. The first lame is slightly deeper than the second, while the third lame (the main one) is deeper still. The third lame is expanded downwards at the front, and even more so at the rear. The outer edges of the the expanded portions are flanged. The main edges of all three lames have crudely notched inward turns accompanied by a recessed border. The lames are connected to one another at the front and rear by round-headed rivets with square, internal washers. In the recessed border are found fifteen round-headed lining-rivets (probably all replaced), which in the case of those occuring on the third lame are fitted with square, internal washers. That part of the lower edge of the third lame occuring between its two downward-expanded portions, is pierced at either end with a hole. The rear one, which is now vacant, is for a sliding rivet which connected the missing fourth lame. The front one is a construction-hole, now occupied by a modern, decorative, round-headed rivet, fitted with a square, internal washer. Above it is an unoccupied hole for the rivet which originally retained the front internal connecting leather. At the same height, situated to either side of the medial ridge, are a pair of unoccupied holes for the rivets which originally retained the central internal connecting-leather. At the apex of the first lame is a rivet-hole for the attachment of a strap or buckle that would originally have connected the pauldron to the gorget. The rear of the third lame has two large, internal patches secured by externally flush rivets.
Lightly patinated.


Dimensions: Height: 232 mm (9.1 in), Width: 254 mm (10.0 in), Depth: 270 mm (10.6 in) Weight: 0.73 kg (1 lb 9.5 oz)

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