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Almain collar

Almain collar



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Bowyer Tower (1990)

Physical Description

The collar, which is shaped to the shoulders and neck, is formed of three lames overlapping upwards at both the front and rear. These are connected to one another by three internal leathers in each case. The leathers, of which substantial fragments remain at the centre front and rear, were all reatined by pairs of rivets. One rivet in each was originally a construction hole; the external corresponding construction hole being filled by a dummy rivet. The front right leather is a later replacement, retained by a new rivet on each of the lower two lames and reusing one of the original pair on the upper lame. The bottom edge of the large lowest lame deepens at the front while the corresponding lame at the rear is straight. The upper edge of the collar has a strong file-roped inward turn.
The front and rear sections of the collar are connected by an internal hinge on the left side. They are fastened on the right side by a stud at the top of the rear section engaging a keyhole slot in the front section. At each shoulder is also riveted a large hook; a later modificaion for the attachment of pauldrons. The pauldron lames (missing) were originally attached by sliding-rivets at the rear and internal leatherrs at the front which were possibly retained by these rivets. On the lower right side of the front plate is a reversed 'L'shaped keyhole slot for the retention of the pauldron strap-end. A rivet-hole on each side of the lowest lames of the front and rear sections were possibly intended to receive a lining. At each shoulder is a raised decorative band. A similar band widening to the lower edge is at the centre front and rear. It is painted overall.


Dimensions: Height: 172 mm (6.8 in), Width: 325 mm (12.8 in), Depth: 216 mm (8.5 in) Weight: 1.15kg (2lb. 8 1/2oz.)

Inscriptions and Marks

None visible


Places Nuremberg