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Centrefire breech-loading double-barrelled shotgun - The Belmont Interchangeable Gun

Centrefire breech-loading double-barrelled shotgun - The Belmont Interchangeable Gun



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Purchased 7th November 1979.

Physical Description

Side hammer locks engraved with decorative borders and signed BELMONT INTERCHANGEABLE GUN. Top lever breech action. Rebounding strikers.
Walnut half stock with chequered pistol grip. Black plastic buttplate bearing the monogram of C.G.B., and the words THE INTERCHANGEABLE. The tang of the trigger guard is engraved IAIE, a silver escutcheon plate has had a coronet removed but still bears the arms of Zafont of Aragon (?). The combination of a stag and a well although not in the positions shown on this escutcheon is found in the arms of the following families:
Zafont of Aragon, Charpentier of Finland, Pozza of Vienna, Prunner of Vienna and Bao, Hirschbruhn (Tyrol), Brunner of Palatine.
Detachable fore-end with horn cap carved as a shell, the lever release marked PATENT. Stamped with the serial number 734.
Browned barrels, there is a spare set of barrels which bear no marks of any kind and are apparently unproved


Dimensions: Overall length: 46.375 in., Barrel length: 30 in.


Serial Number 734


12 bore _ (.729 in)

Inscriptions and Marks

The central rib engraved at the breech. PATENT MAY 31, 1884 CLIP LUMP, and BELMONT INTERCHANGEABLE GUN LONDON WIRE TWIST. Under the breech are stamped Birmingham proof marks, NOT FOR BALL and 12s 14m


Places Britain


The belmont is Bonehill's all machine made gun and was selling, in 1886, from £5.10 to £12. By January 1887 Bonehill were making about 50 'Belmonts' per week and about 1,000 had been sold since its introduction. He also was refusing to put anyone elses name on the gun. (an unpopular move.)