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Flintlock muzzle-loading military rifle - Probin Pattern

Flintlock muzzle-loading military rifle - Probin Pattern



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

The lock is a standard pattern as used on the Pattern 1796 Carbine. Rounded plate with teat at rear, double border lines engraved on plate and rounded swan-neck cock. TOWER engraved across tail, crowned GR ahead of cock, but no small crowned broad arrow. The cock has a thin narrow comb with tip curled inwards in profile. Plate measures 5.375 x 1 ins. Stocked to the muzzle, with long brass fore-end cap. Barrel retained by three pins and the upper sling loop screw. Three heavy brass rod pipes, the upper pipe trumpet mouthed and middle pipe cylindrical with edges raised and tailpipe basically India Pattern. Curved scrolls guard with continental patten bud finials, pinned at front and one screw at rear. Duke of Richmond's style of butt plate. Brass cover to butt trap with sliding brass catch on rear of cover; buttbox is cut out to contain powder measure and split-spring barrel scraper (?). Baker pattern sideplate. Fore-end has slight swell at tailpipe. Flat-knob headed iron rod may not be original.
The browned round barrel has a full length nocksform, tapering slightly. Stamped on top of the breech with Government proof for private barrels, (two crowned crossed sceptres) with a crowned 4 between them. The foresight is a small brass blade brazed directly into the barrel. The backsight is a 'semi-buckhorn' block dovetailed into the barrel with a single crescent-perforated leaf hinged forward. The bore is rifled with 8 angular grooves, one half turn in barrel, or one turn in 56 in. On each side of the barrel at the muzzle are small rectangular plates, with a stud sticking out on the front edge and threaded hole in rear of each stud. Possibly for a swivel ramrod arrangement


BarrelLength27.95 inhes
BarrelLength710 mm
OverallLength1100 mm


Serial Number None visible


0.75 in


Places England


Before cleaning in 1978 the rifle had an old study (?) question number 347 on the butt.