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Wheellock and matchlock combination gun - By L. M.

Wheellock and matchlock combination gun - By L. M.



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Old Tower Collection. Previously catalogued under the 1909 Dillon sequence as XII.38 and before that under the 1859 Hewitt (or Old War Office sequence) as XII.331. Therefore was in the collection prior to 1859. Recorded as being transferred from the rotunda Museum prior to 1856. Rotunda cat no.860 (1822 cat).

Physical Description

Intended to be fired from a support
Barrel octagonal at the breech then round, the muzzle finished with a raised moulding. There is a band of engraved foliage at the breech and another at the change of section.
Vee backsight. Lock with external wheel, the flat wheel-case with outer plate of pierced brass. The dog-head engraved with monsters has a long cocking spur. The match-holder is mounted behind the pan and has a separate spring and catch fitted on the exterior of the lockplate. The pivoted safety-catch is missing.
Stock with short, combed shoulder-butt inlaid in stag-horn with interlaced scrolls with terminal monster's heads. The fore-end is fitted with trunnions. long steel trigger-guard curved to follow the shape of the butt, the central portion decorated with mouldings


BarrelLength991 mm


Serial Number None visible


.630 in (18 bore)

Inscriptions and Marks

At the breech are maker's initials L.M. and control marks both stamped in brass together with the date 1603


Places Germany

Bibliographic References

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