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Wheellock superimposed musket

Wheellock superimposed musket



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

On the right side of the octagonal Barrel is a tube for priming-powder, pierced with small holes to aid combustion, leading from the pan of the lock to a vent placed eleven inches along the barrel to fire the first charge, the six charges below having a passage drilled in the ball to allow the flame from the first charge to ignite the successive charges beneath. The lowest charge had a normal solid ball and could be fired separately, a small plunger fitted in the priming-pan of the lock filling the vent corresponding to it until withdrawn by the firer.
Lock with external wheel, dog-head with small cocking-spur and pivoted safety-catch.
Stock with downcurved shoulder-butt inlaid with panels of delicate scrollwork in stag-horn, the edges outlined with narrow strips of the same material


BarrelLength30.1 inches
BarrelLength765 mm
OverallLength1090 mm


Serial Number None Visible visible


.675 in (15 bore)

Inscriptions and Marks

A forger's mark is stamped at the breech on the underside. Lockplate incised with the letters I.Z.

Bibliographic References

Graeme Rimer, Wheellock Firearms of the Royal Armouries, Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds, 2001. p.26, colour ill.