Object Title

Wheellock superimposed rifle

Wheellock superimposed rifle


about 1540-50; stock about 1600

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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

For ball, to fire two superimposed charges by means of separate locks. Barrel octagonal at the breech then round with a slight swell at the muzzle. It is finely chiselled in low relief and gilt, at the base of the breech with foliage, at mid-length with a broad band of foliage and a terminal figure and at the muzzle with a monster's head.
Tubular backsight of baluster form the inner plate cut with a tangent notch. A mark is stamped on the breech-strap. The lock firing the lower charge is placed in the normal position, the second lock being fitted on the left with the vent four inches in advance of that for the right lock.
Locks with internal wheels, the lockplates being bossed out to form a housing, the latter are surrounded with wheel-guards chiselled with foliage in low relief; these, being made in one piece with the dog-head feather-springs. The wheel-guards enclose steel plates attached to the lower edges of the pans pierced with an open-work design of tracery. The dog-heads have straight baluster-shaped arms and have no cocking levers. Pivoted safety catches.
The stock with cheek-butt is plain except for a band of small trefoil ornaments engraved at the end of the butt and by the breech-strap. Brass butt-plate and fore-end cap, the protective knob on the butt-plate missing. Indented steel trigger-guard. Ramrod with brass tip. The stock although made to fit the barrel and lock is probably somewhat later in date.


BarrelLength1041 mm
OverallLength1330 mm


Serial Number None visible


.530 in


Places Germany


Compare the barrel and lock of No.XII.4 which before alteration must have resembled No.XII.43 very closely, the chiselled decoration of the barrels being possibly by the same hand