Object Title

Lower cannon of a right vambrace

Lower cannon of a right vambrace



Object Number



Bowyer Tower, AS. 52 (1990)

Physical Description

It is of tubular form tapering slightly to the wrist where it has a file-roped inward turn accompanied by a recessed border. A similar turn and border occurs at the inside and front of its upper edge, where it is cut away in a concave curve towards the inside of the elbow.
The cannon is formed of an inner and outer plate; the former fitting within the latter. The two plates are joined to one another at the rear by a pair of external iron hinges and externally fastened at the front by a circular stud |(noe missing) at the centre side edge of the inner plate engaging a corresponding hole in the edge of the outer plate.
The upper edge of the outer plate is pierced with five holes of which one at either side is a rivet hole for the attachment of indeterminate function. It is externally bright.


Dimensions: Length: 24.6 cm (9.6 in.), Diameter at wrist: 8.5 cm (3.4 in), Diameter at elbow: 10.6 cm (4.3 in) Weight: 0.33kg (0lb 11 1/2oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

A single small construction hole is punched on the inside upper edge of the outer plate.


Places Italy