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Rimfire target rifle - By Frank Wesson

Rimfire target rifle - By Frank Wesson



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The action is of the tip-down variety and is operated by half-cocking the action and then pulling back the forward trigger which releases the barrel to drop down; the extractor rod is then pushed and a new cartridge is inserted and the barrel closed.
Buttstock only, the fore-end being a part of the frame extending for 7 1/8th ins. under the barrel wiht a hinge screw at the tip. Iron trigger guard with two loops for the separate triggers, small scroll grip at rear of finials. Iron buttplate.
Full octagonal blued barrel stamped on the top flat FRANK WESSON WORCESTER MASS.PAT'D OCT.25 1859 & NOV.11 1862. The cartrdige extractor is operated by a button on the right side of the barrel,this being the forward end of a sliding bar with the extractor at its other end, which when slid back by the fingers extracts cartridge case. Foresight is a hooded post dovetailed into the barrel, backsight is V nothched block dovetailed into the barrel with risinig notch piece. An apertture tang sight is screwed into the tang to the rear of the cock, adjustable by rotation for elevation. The eye-piece is hinged and may be turned down to the rear and held by flat spring which forms the front face of the circular eye-piece


Dimensions: Overall length 39in (991 mm); barrel length 24 in (610 mm)


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.32 in

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Places America


Franklin Wesson's U.S. Patent No. 36,925 of November 11th 1862 refers.
Wesson rifles were very popular in the eastern United States during the later 1860's through the early 1900's for small game shooting. Larger rifles for mid and long-range target shootiing were produced in the 1870's and early 1880's.