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Centrefire lever-action magazine rifle - Winchester Model 1873

Centrefire lever-action magazine rifle - Winchester Model 1873



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Transferred via Amnesty 1968 from Northumberland Police. no.101. Recieved November 1971.

Physical Description

Two piece stock, the fore-end retained by being formed round the magazine tube and mortising into the fornt of the receiver, Straight grip butt with shoitgun buttplate. Very plain wood.
The foresight is a tapered blade with ivory bead at the rear, dovetailed into the barrel. The backsight is a block with two leaves hinged forward. These sights are probably of English origin, added by the importer or retailer in England. The backsight is graduated from 100 to 200 yards.
The barrel is full round and blued. Stamped on top, ahead of the backsight is WINCHESTER'S REPEATING ARMS, NEW HAVEN,CT.KING'S IMPROVENMENT-PATENTED -MARCH 29.1866. OCTOBER 16 1860. Behind the backsight is engraved the name of English retailer GOFREY C. COOPER 131 HIGH HOLBORN, LONODN. Just at the breech is stamped the calibre 32 W.C.F. On the left breech are commercial London proof marks for .300 bore. Full length magazine.
The receiver is standard for this pattern with the brass carrier being engraved 32 cal. The upper barrel tang is stamped MODEL 1873 and the lower tang is numbered 338160B. The panel on the left side of the receiver is engraved E.A.GREATHEAD on his marriage From some Varsity Friends January 91


OverallLength1092 mm
BarrelLength619 mm


Serial Number 338160B


.32 in


Places America