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Field Gun - 75 mm QF Model 1897 Schnieder field gun and carriage

Field Gun - 75 mm QF Model 1897 Schnieder field gun and carriage



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A trophy from the South African War and probably one of two 75mm Creusot guns captured at Piet Retief in February 1901 ('Captured Boer Guns', R.A. Inst, Proc., XXVIII [1901-2] 413-14). Transferred from the School of Military Engineering, Chatham, in 1958 then on loan to the Rotunda Museum, Woolwich.

Physical Description

Model of 1897, rifling of 24 grooves. The quickfiring breech mechanism is of interrupted-screw type and the gun is provided with two pairs of hydraulic recoil buffers. Fixed ammunition was used
The gun is mounted very low in the carriage, the axis of the gun itself passing through the axis of the axle. This low mounting necessitates the sides of the trail being splayed outwards to clear the breech when the gun is elevated. A spring spade was fitted on the under side of the trail. The spade itself is now missing though the spring is preserved. There is an elevating gear on the right and a deflection gear operated by a handwheel beneath the breech. The mountings for rear sight and fore sight are on the right side though both sights are now missing. The gun is heavily coated in paint and no markings are visible. The wheels have been rebuilt.


ProjectileWeight6.6 kg
ProjectileWeight14.5 lb
Wheeldiameter148.6 cm
Wheeldiameter58.5 in.
Carriagelength251.5 cm
Carriagelength99 in.
Barrellength8.1 ft.
Barrellength2.47 m


2.95 in (7.5 cm)


Places France

Bibliographic References

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