Object Title

Left lower cannon of a vambrace

Left lower cannon of a vambrace



Object Number



Bowyer Tower AS. 52 (1990)

Physical Description

Of tubular form, it consists of an inner and outer plate, the latter widens to the elbow and has a tulip-shaped expansion at the wrist where it has a file-roped inward turn accompanied by a recessed border. The main edges of the inner plate has a similar turn and border, and is shaped towards the inside of the elbow. The inner plate is overlapped by the outer at both side edges where they are joined at the rear by a pair of external iron hinges and originally at the front by a strap and buckle. A lame original buckle isd riveted at the centre of the inner plate, while at the centre of the outer plate, an externally flat-headed rivet retains fragments of the leather strap. The upper edge of the outer plate has a rivet at either side (that on the outside is missing) for the attachment of the two crudely pierced holes possibly for suspension. The centre of the outer plate is cracked at its supper edge and has a rivet-hole of indeterminate function at its lower edge.
It is painted black overall. border. Painted black overall.


Dimensions: Length: 26.1 cm (10.3 in.), Diameter at wrist: 8.5 cm (3.4 in), Diameter at elbow: 11.5 cm (4.5 in) Weight: 0.42kg (0lb 14oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

None visible. Painted in white in the lower border is the number '301'.


Places Italy