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Returned from a loan, 1989.

Physical Description

It is shaped to the shoulders with a fairly deep cut-out at the neck and shallow arm-openings. The edges are bordered by thirty-three large, round-headed brass rivets (of which two at either shoulder are missing) with circular internal washers retaining substanital portions of a canvas lining-band to which a near complete double-skin canvas lining is tacked. The lining is sewn to a leather edging which is stitched to the outside of the backplate through numerous pairs of small holes. A pair of rivet-holes at either shoulder are for the attachment to the breastplate.
It has large patches of corrosion on th eoutside and inside. The lining is torn away at the left shoulder and neck. It is pierced at either side of the waist, probably for suspension.


Dimensions: Height: 395 mm (15.5 in.), Width: 359 mm (14.1 in.) Weight: 2.1 kg (4lb 10 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

None visible.


Places England