Object Title

Cuirassier's breastplate

Cuirassier's breastplate



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Returned from a loan, 1989.

Physical Description

It has a deep, outward-flanged cut-out at the neck, and a medial ridge terminating just above the waist which has a rounded flange, deepening at its centre. The arm opening and sides are outwardly-flanged. The edges are bordered by nine large rivets, of which the tow at either shoulder are flat-headed, and the remainder round-headed. Each has a circular internal washer terminating in a flat-hook for the attachment of a lining, of which two at the left are missing. At either side of the chest is riveted an assymentrical, mushroom-headed stud to engage the shoulder-straps of the backplate.
It is painted black overall.


Dimensions: Height: 371 mm (14.6 in.), Width: 360 mm (14.1 in.) Weight: too heavy for scales

Inscriptions and Marks

None visible.


Places France