Object Title

Flintlock muzzle-loading musket - Model 1808

Flintlock muzzle-loading musket - Model 1808


dated 1812

Object Number



Transferred from the Rotunda Museum of Artillery, Woolwich, No. 6/139.

Physical Description

The lock is a copy of the French 1777/02 of An IX, that is having the straight toe to the steel, and the tip not turned away from the cock. The tilted brass pan rises higher at the back than the French original. The structural features of the French lock are followed throughout. The plate is stamped ahead of the cock with the Cyrillic characters for Tula and beneath 1812. The cock is ring-nose. Stocked to 2.75 in of muzzle the barrel retained by three flat brass bands each held by a pinned spring from the rear. The bands are all replacements made in the Tower Workshops in 1963 and are of the correct design. The upper band is double-strapped with a long rectangular cat-out between the straps. The middle band has the upper sling loop screwed through a stud on its underside. The thin two-piece trigger guard is a direct copy of the French Model 1777 but is more lightly made throughout. This is true of all the brass furniture and indeed of the entire gun. The lower sling loop is mounted through an iron stud through the front finial and the rear finial has the usual finger loops. The brass buttplate is rather thinner and flatter than the French original but of the same pattern, the imperial eagle is stamped on the tang. The left side of the comb has the typical French recessed cheek rest. The flat brass sideplate is of Model 1777 design. All furniture has Russian inspection marks and the trigger guard is stamped Tula. Heavy iron rod. The full round barrel has the bayonet stud on its underside at the muzzle. The breech is stamped with inspection marks and a large 2. The tang is narrow, straight and rounded at the tip. The brass blade fore sight is integral with the rear strap of the upper band. There is no backsight.


Mass manufacture



BarrelLength41.25 in
BarrelLength1048 mm
OverallLength56.5 in
OverallLength1435 mm


Serial Number None visible


.70 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Arsenal marking
Cyrillic characters for Tula.
Lockplate and trigger guard
Ownership mark
Imperial Eagle
Inspection marks
Russian inspection marks.
Brass furniture and breech