Object Title

Sword (takouba)

Sword (takouba)



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Presented by J R Gaunt and Son Ltd, 1956. On loan to the Horniman Museum, 29 April 1967, Loan 221.33.

Physical Description

The blade is double edged, straight and tapering, with three narrow fullers and crudely chiselled crescent moons. The hilt has a disc pommel formed of two shallow cones of thin iron set rim to rim and held to the tang with a button. There is a rectangular short guard which is leather covered. The scabbard is of thin wood covered with leather and boldly 0mbossed at the edges. The centre has fine-tooled lines and simple fork motifs. There are two square tabs of leather for a sling attachment, and a locket of thin brass, and a crude chape of thin iron.


Dimensions: overall length: 83.9 cm (33.1 in), blade length: 70.9 cm (28.0 in), quillon width 10.1 cm (4.0 in) Weight: The weight of the sword is 0.52 kg, the weight of the scabbard being 0.18 kg.