Object Title

Helmet (eboshi nari no kabuto)

Helmet (eboshi nari no kabuto)



Object Number



Transferred from the Bethnal Green Museum, 10 December 1958, formerly no. 805-1904.

Physical Description

It is of five iron plates, filled and smoothly lacquered black, in the form of a samurai cap. The tall, sharply ridged skull curves back to a lobed apex. The peak (mabezashi) is small and concave, of Hineno form. The forecrest (maedate) is in the form of a classical straight sword (ken) with a ring symbolising the sun disc (hi-no-maru), of copper, formerly gilt. The neck guard (Hineno-jikoro) is of five iron plates covered in lacquered leather, close laced (kebiki-odoshi) in blue silk (kon-ito). There is a fixed lining of cloth.


Weight: The weight of the helmet is 2.05 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks



These simple helmets were popular with middle ranking samurai since they were different in shape to regular helmets yet cheap to produce. The maedate is now fully gilt except for the red filling of the groove of the sword (1998).