Object Title

8 in mortar and bed

8 in mortar and bed



Object Number



Centre Management Studies, R.O.F. Chorley, Lancashire. (Old Tower Collection).

Physical Description

With mortar bomb in place. The gun is marked with the weight IV Broad Arrow 8-1-7.
Mounted on a cast iron bed marked 277 and GREATt Ch 2lb. RA 2000 yards.
Brass plaque inscribed 'On loan from H.M. Tower of London'


Dimensions: Length: 23 in, Length of trunnions: 24.5 in, Diameter of trunnions: 6 in, Bed length: 42 in, Bed width: 24.5 in, Weight: 8 cwt 1 qtr 7 lb, bed: 11 cwt 1 qtr 15 lb


Serial Number 247


8 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Left trunnion: S BOWLING Right trunnion: 247


Places Britain


'The bowling Ironworks'
Of Bowling Manor near Bradford, began trading in foundry and smith's work in 1784. In 1788, largely due to the efforts of the ironmaster 'John Sturges' of Wakefield, they started smelting iron ore in quantity.
'Sturges & Company' Supplied the Board of Ordnance with cast-iron guns and mortars throughout the Napoleonic Wars, the letter S stamped on the trunnions being their identification letter.