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Flintlock muzzle-loading military musket

Flintlock muzzle-loading military musket



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

The flat lockplate is plain with a detachable brass pan tilted and fenceless as on the French Model 1777 and the steel is also similar. The plate is deeply stamped ahead of the cock with a crowned FR. The cock is peculiar to this period of Neapolitan arms and has a rounded body and a flattened ring-neck section. The jaw-screw is in the Spanish manner with a large hole. The throat hole is in the form of a D reversed. Stocked to 3 1/2in of the muzzle, the barrel is retained by three thin slightly rounded brass bands, each secured by a pinned spring at the rear. The upper band is double-strapped with a long rectangular cut-away between the straps, both of which are contoured to the barrel.The front of the underside is trumpet-mouthed (as opposed to flared) to act as a rod guide. The middle band has a stud on its underside for the upper sling loop. The lower band has the usual forward lip on its underside. The thin brass trigger guard is made in one piece with a lock cover stud on the front finial. The guard is pinched in at the front and back and a stud on the front is drilled for the lower sling loop screw. The trigger is broad and straight. The guard is held entirely by pins. The flat brass buttplate has a bell-shaped tang and the upper screw is a broad bumper screw. The flat, flush brass sideplate is nearly straight with a slight upward bend at the rear. The lock and side plate have plain edges and are very wide across; the entire butt is very heavy in cross section. The barrel is octagonal at the breech for 1 3/4in tapering to round. The bayonet stud is on the top of the barrel. The top flat at the breech is stamped with a crowned FR over a sunken rectangle with F.R.N. and the tang is engraved with 2919. The front sight is a brass blade made integral with the rear strap of the upper band. There is no backsight. The butt is stamped with a G and there are two plastic tags - one with 591 and the other with 21


OverallLength1480 mm
BarrelLength629 mm


Serial Number None visible


.73 in