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Long left elbow gauntlet

Long left elbow gauntlet



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Returned from Dover Castle loan, 1989.

Physical Description

For the left hand. It comprises a single cuff, four metacarpal lames and a knuckle-plate only. The tubular cuff, flaring slightly to the elbow, has an overlapping joint on the inside secured by six flush rivets. The upper main edge has a strong inward turn bordered by seventeen lining-rivets with square internal washers retaining fragments of a leather lining band, of which one at the back also retains substantial fragments of the restraining leather tab. The lining-rivets are bordered by a double incised line decoration. The lower main edge is arched oin the inside to accomodate the wrist, where it is turned outward and bordered by a double incised line. A pair of internally round headed rivets retain fragments of the leathers for the attachment of the missing thumb scales. Four metacarpal lames overlap upwards and are curved at tge centre of each upper edge bordered by a double incised line, and at either side for the articualting rivet. A knuckle plate is similarly attached to the lowest lame. It has a transverse raised rib and is embossed for the knuckles, each of which has a rivet with a square internal washer retaining on the inside fragment of the leather for the attachment of the missing finger scales. The main edges are bordered by double incised lines.
It is black overall. The glove is missing. lames, knuckle-plate. Painted black.


Dimensions: Overall length: 385 mm (15.1 in.), Width: 150 mm (6.0 in.) Weight: 0.94 kg (2lb. 1 oz.)

Inscriptions and Marks

The inside lower edge of the cuff and the second, third and fourth lames have eight cuts each. The lower edge of the first lame has five notches, the second four, the third three and the first two.


Places England