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Pikeman's backplate

Pikeman's backplate



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Returned from loan to Dover Castle 1989. Associated with III.3403-4 and IV.1581.

Physical Description

It has a low neck, is slightly shaped to the shoulderblades, and has an even flange at the waist. The neck, arm and flange edges have plain, inward turns bordered at the neck and arms by single incised lines, and at the flange with a recessed border. A pair of incised lines runs down the spine. At each shoulder is a restored shoulder strap. The scales are original: each strap has a square rear plate with two lobes at the rear, two square medial plates and a long pointed terminal plate pierced with a single keyhole slot. Each plate is attached by four rivets to the strap. Low at either side of the wasit is a restored waist strap and buckle, attached by two modern rivets at either side. At the left of the flange is a pierced stud for suspension.
The outside is bright but patinated. There are cracks at the left arm and right of the flange. Each shoulder is pierced near the edge with a row of three or four rivet holes for original shoulder straps and the left shoulder edge and right corner of the flange are damaged. There is a pierced suspension hole at the centre of the flange, and another hole at the mid-right.


Dimensions: Height: 372 mm (14.7 in.), Width: 352 mm (14.0 in.) Weight: 1.76 kg (3lb. 13 1/2 oz.)

Inscriptions and Marks

Struck through at the neck with a crowned IR, and at the right of the flange with a 5 between two illegible marks.


Places Netherlands