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Part of the Seymour Collection, acquired April 1987. At least some of the items apparently acquired from Wilkinson's (sword manufacturers). For further details see file and Inv. sheet before IX.3154.

Physical Description

The gauge consists of two parts. (i) A rectangular steel plate, with rounded corners; a V-notch in each of the long sides, towards one end; and a square hole in the centre, with a small round hole at each corner. Stamped on one face is: 'FOIL' , and 'MKV' (twice - once very faint). (ii) A square-sectioned rod with one flat end, and one slightly pointed end, just below which each corner is notched. The rod is stamped on one side: 'FOIL' and 'MKV', and on another side: with a mark comprising two crescent moons facing each other. The plate and the rod are joined by wire bearing two lead seals, each intended to be stamped with a word, originally intended to be 'PORTS', over a broad-arrow. Attached to the wire is a cream linen label, printed in red and with black ink writing. The text includes: 'Admiralty Duplicate Pattern'; 'Gauge for foils MKV and blades for'; the ref. no. '18676/[3]3/18383; the date '27-11-1933'; (on the back) 'Selected by' and a signature - (?)W.A.Court, with a stamp 'SURVEYOR OF STORES PORTSMOUTH YARD [??] JAN 1934'.


Dimensions: Plate: 55 mm (2.2 in) by 41 mm (1.6 in), rod length: 60 mm (1.4 in)

Inscriptions and Marks

See Description.


Places Britain


IX.3221 and IX.3223-IX.3226 are similar, IX.3221 being a 'standard' pattern for the Foil MK V.