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One-piece hemispherical steel skull expanding outwards to a flanged brim, the lower side and rear edges extending downwards to form a rudimentary ear and neck guard. The whole is painted dark green. Internally an opaque white plastic webbing is braced to the top of the skull by a crown of plastic strips; six arms radiate from the central plastic ring, each being attached at its tip to the side of the helmet bowl by rivet and washer. Half way along each arm, the arm of an opaque white plastic brow band is attached by a plastic press-stud secured through one of three holes. The brow band is in front and rear sections, each end of the former terminating in a slotted tongue with serrated edges which slide through two pairs of square plastic clips on the rear section to allow the band to be adjusted. _ A pig-skin inner webbing is stitched to the perforated lower outer side of the brow band and folded over into the helmet bowl where it divides into five lappets on the rear and one on the front brow band section, each connected by a braided white thong threaded through a hole in the tip. An additional piece of yellow foam padding is secured to the outside of the front and rear of the brow band by two and three rivets respectively. On either side is a cheek strap formed by a 'V' arrangement of two tan leather straps attached to steel 'D' rings each secured to the brow band by a single flat rivet. Each strap has several keyhole cutouts along its length to allow adjustment via the double-headed grey metal stud by which the strap is looped over the 'D' ring. At the junction of the straps is a 'D' ring strap distributer covered on the inner side by a pig-skin flap through which the straps are slotted. The left cheek strap continues as a rectangular steel tongued buckle with steel roller and strap holder. The right cheek strap continues as a long strap perforated for fixing and terminating in a point. _ The helmet is provided with green braided nylon camouflage netting which can be secured to the brim by small blued 'S' shaped spring clips. It is carried in a green soft plastic tube. There is external surface scratching, particularly on the crown of the skull.


Dimensions: Max. width: 101/2in., 26.7cm. Max. depth: 123/16in., 31cm. Max. height: 53/4in., 14.6cm.

Inscriptions and Marks

In cursive, on the rear lappet of the inner webbing, in blue ink: 'Tuuuecu' (?)


Places East Germany