Object Title

13 in mortar and bed - Land Service

13 in mortar and bed - Land Service



Object Number



Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

The breech has a Broad Arrow above the marking 36-1-15. 36-1-15 The left trunnion is marked with elevation (?) marks 7 7-5 and 7-7 4-5 1-5 and three vertical lines. There are three sight lines on the barrel of 13 in calibre and a bomb in the muzzle
Marked with the weight 48-3-24, No.7; GREAT Cb.a.g.h. RA 28007.


Weight: 36cwt 1qtr 15lb, Carriage: 48cwt 3qtr 24lb


Serial Number 7


13 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Left trunnion: 7 7-5 and 7-7 4-5 1-5 Right trunnion: L


Places Britain


The letter L (for Low Moor) on the trunnions was the mark of Dawson & Company, contractors to the Board of Ordnance for the supply of cast-iron guns and mortars. Joseph Dawson, one of the most remarkable of ironmasters and a Congregational minister who paid his workmen on Sunday before going into the pulpit, established the iron smelting works at Low Moor, near Bradford, in 1789 and began producing cast-iron ordnance and ammunition in 1795. Production of this form of armament continued until the introduction of steel barrels after the Crimean War.