Object Title

Dagger (kard) and scabbard

Dagger (kard) and scabbard



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Accessioned from Lanthorn Tower, 1990. Old Tower collection, acquired before 1859.

Physical Description

The blade is single edged, of watered crucible steel, with a slight medial ridge down the back. The blade terminates in an undecorated iron bolster. The hilt is of jade, tapering slightly with a flat along the back edge. At the end in a small metal setting is a cabouchon stone that might be agate or moonstone with two central, pale spots. The scabbard is of wood covered with yellow and red cotton woven with flowers, and with an ivory finial. The wooden scabbard is sufficient to cover the blade, the fabric cover being extended to enclose the majority of the hilt.


BladeLength177 mm
ScabbardLength297 mm
ScabbardWeight180 g
OverallLength298 mm
KnifeWeight156 g

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Bibliographic References

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