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Paratrooper's helmet

Paratrooper's helmet



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Physical Description

One-piece spherical skull painted green and with plain unturned edge, level all round. On either side, approximately 6.5 cm. above the brim and parallel to it, are a pair of ventilation holes. In front of these, on each side and at rear, at the same level, is a domed iron rivet which fastens internally through a thin rectangular metal plate. Each of the latter is affixed with a washer with additional rivet holes either side; all are connected by a perforated metal strip which runs internally round the brim and to which is stitched a green leather brim lining, folded over and filled with a padded roll so that the latter sits under the helmet rim. The roll is in two sections, the front section beginning and ending in front of the side rivets. To the rear lining are additionally stitched two ear flaps each consisting of an inner and outer piece of leather with circular cut-out filled by a leather roundel sandwitched between the two and single stitched with green thread. It is pierced with a central hole surrounded by five smaller holes and an outer ring of twelve holes. The vertical front edge of each has a padded leather strip folded over and stitched up it's rear. The lower edge is semi-circular, continuing at an angle to the centre rear of the brim, single stitched along the edge and pierced with fourteen holes in three lines below the brim (5,4,5). Both sides are connected at the rear by a light green braided lace threaded through three steel eyelet holes running down each vertical edge between stitched seams. Below the circular ear hole on the left flap is a leather strip doubled and stitched to secure two D-shaped steel tongueless buckles. On the right flap is stitched a long leather chin strap ending in a point. Internally the rear lacing is protected by a triangular flap consisting of two pieces of green leather stitched together. A pig-skin webbing is stitched round and bent back into the helmet bowl. It consists of a front and rear section connected each side by stitching. Each section has four lappets with five holes near the brim and five more on the lappet, ending in a steel eyelet threaded by a white braided drawer string with a red twine twisted into it. In front, covered by the down-turned webbing, is glued a buff felt lining cut into eight lappets and turned down over a strip of cream foam rubber.
The helmet is painted dark green. The stitching is green except for that round the right eyelets and ear flap insert, and that securing the cheek straps. The surface of the skull is scratched in many places and the leather of the padded rim lining shows wear. Much of the stitching of the ear flaps is loose or missing and the rear portion of the right circular ear flap insert has come loose.

Inscriptions and Marks

Internally the crown of the skull is painted in black stencil with: 'HS 71X 1978'On the left side of the pig-skin webbing, behind the ventilation holes, is written in black ink: 'L. Tandil .5.OK'