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9 pr gun - Borgard Type

9 pr gun - Borgard Type



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Cast-iron smooth-bore 9 pounder gun of the Borgard design. The cascable consists of a plain flattened button and two cascable staves. The first reinforce contains a flat base ring with an ogee moulding and fillet, vent and first reinforce ring consisting of a flat band with ogee moulding and one fillet. The second reinforce features two trunnions each with no discernable mark. Above the trunnions on the barrel is the monogram of Queen Anne (1702-14) comprising a crowned Tudor rose that stands extremely proud of the barrel. The second reinforce ring and ogee has two fillets. The chase comprises the muzzle astragal with two fillets one either side. The bell-shaped muzzle has an astragal and two fillets with two fillets and a muzzle moulding at the muzzle. Albert Borgard was a Dane who becasme Chief Firemaster of the Royal Arsenal in 1712 and the first Colonel Commandant of the Royal Artillery in 1722. The desire was to achieve some uniformity regarding the sizes of different parts of the gun following the defeats of the Second Dutch Wars


Dimensions: Length: 303 cm, Button to first reinforce: 40 cm, First reinforce to first reinforce ring: 76 cm, First reinforce ring to second reinforce ring: 53 cm, Second reinforce ring to muzzle astragal: 101 cm, Muzzle: 33 cm Weight: No information discernable on barrel but will be about 22 cwt


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3.875 in _ (99 mm)

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Places England


Inspected 25th February 2004. This gun sits on an English Heritage reproduction Sea Service carriage built in 1986.