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Bowyer Tower,AS 50, 1990.

Physical Description

Formed of a main plate, covering the inside, the front and the outside of the elbow; and a smaller plate covering the elbow. Each end of the rear plate is overlapped by by the main plate and is secured to it by a pair of externally flush rivets in each case. The couter is shaped to the elbow, expands into a broad, heart-shaped wing at the front, and has a pucker where it curves round the inside of the arm. The upper and lower edges have inward turns decorated with notch-like roping. A transverse ridge decorated with notch-like roping, runs from behind the point of the elbow to the inner end of the pucker. At the centre front is a vertically aligned pair of modern, round-headed rivets with square internal washers, retaining a modern, internal connecting-leather. At the centre rear is a further rivet and washer of the same type, retaining a second, modern, internal connecting-leather. The area retaining this this rivet has been repaired with an internal patch secured by four small, externally flush rivets.


Dimensions: Height: 153 mm (6.6 in.), Width: 183 mm (7.2 in.), Depth: 126 mm (4.9 in.) Weight: 0.32 kg (0 lb 11 oz)

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