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Centrefire automatic belt-fed machine gun - Maxim Model MG 08

Centrefire automatic belt-fed machine gun - Maxim Model MG 08



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Old Tower Collection. Removed from Store in the Flint Tower for Loan to the DCLI Museum, Bodmin, August 1983.

Physical Description

The gun is mounted on a standard sledge mounting which is painted green. The tool boxes are empty and the rear knee pads are worn. On each side of the forward part of the sledge is a small triangular plate riveted on and embossed with an indistinguishable mark.
The receiver cover of the mechanism is marked 27077/MG08 DWM/BERLIN/1917 and to the rear of the sights with 7077, b and a crowned gothic B. The receiver cover is marked, in a circle, DEUTSCHE WAFFEN-UND MUNITIONSFABRIKEN/BERLIN/1917. The abbreviated serial no. 7077 or 77, the letters DWM and b and the crowned gothic B appear on many of the individual parts of the gun. Under the receiver cover the lock mechanism is marked 6734/b/A and with two crowned gothic Bs. The top of the left hand grip oil resevoir is missing.
The rear of the barrel jacket is stamped crowned gothic B, 27077, crowned gothic B, DWM.


OverallLength1080 mm
GunWeight20 kg
SledgeWeight37.6 kg


Serial Number 27077


7.92 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

See description.


Places Germany