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Percussion muzzle-loading military musket - Pattern 1839

Percussion muzzle-loading military musket - Pattern 1839



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Tower Arsenal. Removed from the Bowyer Store for Loan to the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry Museum, Bodmin, June 1983.

Physical Description

This musket comforms completely with the pattern. The lockplate retains its original bluing and bears the usual TOWER and crown overVR marks in addition to a horizontal crowned broad arrow. The sear does not engage on the tumbler.
The stock is varnished and in very good condition. Stamped underneath the butt is PRYSE & REDMAN, two crowned indistinguishable marks and a 7. The right cheek of the butt is stamped with a crowned mark superimposed with with a broad arrow over BO. The ramrod groove is stamped near the butt-end with PRYSE & REDMAN. The ramrod is stamped near the head with a crown. The bayonet spring catch is stamped G.
The barrel is stamped at the breech on the left hand side with two indistinct proof marks, and an illegible mark, on the top of the barrel with a crown over B over 9 and on the right to the front of the nipple-block with a small ET


Dimensions: Overall length: 55 in (1397 mm), Barrel length: 39 in (990 mm), Weight: 9 lb. 13 oz.


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.750 in


Places England