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Sword - Basket-hilted sword

Sword - Basket-hilted sword



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In 'Old Tower' collections. None recorded in typed inventory (IBE). In Armouries collection before 1916

Physical Description

The sword is of so-called ‘Mortuary’ type, consisting of a bright steel hilt with ovoid pommel with pronounced tang button, dish-guard extending upwards as a knuckle-guard and two-counter-guards, the upper ends attached to the pommel by screws; from the knuckle-guard two narrow, curved bars connect with the roots of the counter-guards. The dish-guard is pierced and chiselled with a series of bearded head, cherubs and foliage. Two very small langets extend down the blade.

The broad, single-edged blade bears three fullers running almost to the point, together with a short fuller at the forte, on the leading edge. On each face of the blade is a stamp, presumably a makers mark, and in one of the fullers is stamped the name ‘FERARA’.


Handmade, Forged



OverallLength1003 mm
OverallWeight992 g
BladeLength838 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Makers mark
An unidentified makers mark and (in one of the fullers) 'FERARA'.
On each face of blade, at the forte, and in one of the fullers


Exhibited in exhibition: 'To Kill a King', Tower Gallery. Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds (1999)