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Centrefire breech-loading cavalry carbine - Snider Mk. III

Centrefire breech-loading cavalry carbine - Snider Mk. III



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Old Tower Collections. First registered in Bowyer Tower Store, Rack 20/A, 1992.

Physical Description

General Type Description: Standard Snider patent action with trapdoor breech block hinged to the right. The action is operated by pressing upward and to the right on a knurled thumb-piece which is found on the left of the breech block. The extractor is operated manually by pulling the breechblock backward against the action of a piston found on the right of the block. The cock has the superficial appearance of a percussion hammer but in fact works against a strikerthe downward action of which operates a centrefire pin housed in a hole which runs through the centre of the breechblock.
A nipple protector was attached by a chain to the triggerguard but is now missing.
With brass furniture. Half-stocked in one piece with one Baddeley barrel band. With leather sight protector.
The foresight is of the unprotected barleycorn type.
Ramrod of two pieces, normally housed in butt, now missing. Some damage to underside of stock to the right of the trigger.


Dimensions: Overall length: 116.25 cm.


Serial Number None visible


.577 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Left of barrel below rear sight: Addorsed R's; STEEL; Crown over VR over 1P; Crown over E over 10; Crown over VR over crossed lances with pennants over 2P; Crown over E over 10; Upward pointing broad arrow over WD. Right of barrel near rear sight: Crown over BR over 14; Crown over BR over 4; Crown over BR over 10; Crown over E over 7; Crown over BR over 3. Right side of sight: Upward pointing broad arrow over WD. Left of breech: Upward pointing broad arrow over WD; crown over E over 42 Lock: Crown over VR; 1858 over ENFIELD; Crown over downwards pointing broad arrow. Flat of stock: WL, TB, 24. Top of breech: III Butt: 2.C over B over 11.80; 12 over line over 1880. Buttplate tang: Y over BRK over 172 Small of butt: Addorsed R's Underside of breechblock: 23; W.F; Crown over E over 3; 3582


Places Britain


I.D. Skennerton, 'A Treatise on the Snider',1987