Object Title

Portions of an armour

Portions of an armour



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Purchased at auction, Oxenham's, London, 29 April 1841, lot 253.

Physical Description

Consists of a gorget, vambraces, tassets, a waistplate from the cuirass and two plates from the gauntlet cuffs. The flat plates are etched with stylised floral ornament imitating damask material, and the embossed plates are decorated with gild slashes bordered by zig-zag meanders. The gorget is half restored; formed of three plates front and rear, the middle plate at the front and the lower two plates at the rear are restored.


Arms (each)Depth130 mm
Arms (each)Length680 mm
Arms (each)Width222 mm
Cuisse (each)Depth160 mm
Cuisse (each)Length350 mm
Cuisse (each)Width230 mm
GorgetDepth260 mm
GorgetHeight150 mm
GorgetWidth330 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

None visible.


Bibliographic References

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See also III.4483. Advertised in the sale catalogue as 'Portions of a very superb suite of puffed and engraved armour, comprising the two arms and tassets complete, the gorget and portion of a gauntlet, with the exception of the splendid suite at Goodrich Court, this is the only example of this rare and beautiful kind in this country.' The etched and gilt decoration with its ground of sparse dots is very like the KD armour in Madrid, by Kolman Helmschmid. See comments in Norman, Wallace collection supplement, under no. A.28. The decoration is extremely close to the Meyrick armour, which became Wallace Collection no. A 28.