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From the collection of Dr. R. Williams, 1974. Lady Bellew, sold Christies, 27 September 1939, lot 63. Farnham Burke, sold Christies, 5 May 1931, lot 103. Spiller, sold Christies, 30 June 1901, lot 12.

Physical Description

This full shaffron has an embossed and roped medial rib, and ears attached by brass-capped iron rivets with round washers. At the centre is an original escutcheon attached by a brass-capped iron rivet with a rosette washer. The side pieces are attached by three rivets. They have pairs of holes for opoints surrounded by punched dots. The main edges have roped inward turns. The poll plate is riveted on, and has the remains of its strap and buckle at either side. It has three holes in a row for attchment to the crinet. The lining rivets retain a leather lining band, and there are fragments of straps riveted below the eyes. There are fragments of etched decoration, particularly visible on the borders, comprising narrow bands of interlaced candelabra.


Dimensions: Height: 610 mm; width: 262 mm; depth: 145 mm

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Places Germany