Object Title

Bevor (incomplete)

Bevor (incomplete)



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Transferred from the Victoria & Albert Museum, no. M548.1927.

Physical Description

Upper plate only, prow-shaped with a medial ridge and a flange at the bottom. The main edge has a boxed outward turn bordered by 17 round-headed lining rivets, some with circular washers. The flange has six flush lining rivets, plus an additional one at the left rear. At either side of the flange is a row of tiny lining holes for sewing the lining. There is a rivet hole at either side of the flange for the missing lower lames, that at the right on a rivete repair. The rear left end is broken, there are cracks in the medial ridge and right front of the upper edge.


Dimensions: Height: 134 mm; width: 157 mm; depth: 192 mm Weight: 354 g

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Places Germany