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Presented 1956. From the collection of Samuel Rush Meyrick.

Physical Description

The sallet has a one-piece skull with a short tail and a flat comb. The main edge has a boxed outward turn. Round the base of the skull are ten lining rivet holes, and above these two at either side, one with its flush rivet, for the chin straps. At either side of the skull is a large riveted repair. The edge is damaged at the front corners at either side. It is heavily patinated and cleaned bright. The visor is associated. It has a flat brow reinforce with a low cusp and a single stepped sight with a flange below. It is very heavuily patinated and has four riveted repairs above the sight and one below. The main edge has an outward turn over wire.


Dimensions: height 200 mm, width 185 mm, depth 322 mm Weight: 4885 g

Inscriptions and Marks

None visible.


Bibliographic References

J Skelton, Engraved illustrations of the antient arms and armour, from the collection of Llewelyn Meyrick ... at Goodrich Court, Hertfordshire, London, G Schultze 1830: vol. 2, pl. lxxiv, figs 5-7