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Flintlock military carbine - Pattern 1796 Heavy Dragoon, sealed pattern

Flintlock military carbine - Pattern 1796 Heavy Dragoon, sealed pattern



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

The barrel hooks into a false breech and is secured by pins of Nock's design. It retains traces of browning and is stamped twice with the Ordnance proof mark and with the maker's mark HN.
Lock of Nock's enclosed pattern inscribed H. NOCK, the flash -guard engraved with the crowned Royal cypher. The inner side is stamped with the number 8. The butt bears the seals of General Sir William Augustus Pitt Colonel of the 1st Dragoon Guards and of the Adjutant General's Office and is inscribed in ink 'Carbine for Heavy and Light Cavalry'. Buttplate engraved PATTERN CARBINE No. 3 The forward end of the runner-bar is cranked and fits around the fore-end. The ramrod is secured by a long spring fitted between the two ramrod pipes.


OverallLength1058 mm
OverallLength1456 mm
OverallWeight3.565 kg
BarrelLength607 mm


Serial Number None visible


.710 in (13 bore)

Inscriptions and Marks

Ordnance proof mark and maker's mark HN


Places Britain


General the Hon Sir William-Augustus Pitt K.B.
Commanded the 1st King's Dragoon Guards from 1796 to his death in 1809. The regiment was re-equipped with short carbines in the former year.
Bayonet No.X.294 fits this carbine. (Compare Nos XII.168, 986.)