Object Title

Axe (tabar)

Axe (tabar)



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Transferred from VIII.57. On loan to the Maison Dieu, Dover (L1).

Physical Description

The iron head divides into two triangular wings springing from a single socket. The ends of the wings are concave. The blade is decorated at the socket with crude engraving in the form of a row of three double arcs above two lines of cross hatching. The back of the socket has a pronounced lip at the centre.
The haft is of wood, ending above the blade with a crude iron spike set into a cast brass socket decorated with two bands of lozenges and one band of semi circles topped by trefoils. Below the blade, the haft is protected by a crude brass ferrule. Below this the haft has a binding of vegetable fibre, possibly rafia. At the base it has a cast brass shoe en suite with the ferrule.


Dimensions: overall length 98.4 cm (38.8 in), head length 20.3 cm (8.0 in)

Inscriptions and Marks




For a very similar example, see W. Egerton, 'An illustrated handbook of Indian arms', London, 1880, no. 37, p. 78, fig. 15 (Indian Museum no. 12603-'55).