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7 pr gun and field carriage

7 pr gun and field carriage



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Believed to have been taken at the Battle of Chillianwallah, 1849. Presented to the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, by the East India Company in 1856. Transferred to the Armouries in 1925, but remaining on loan to the Hospital

Physical Description

The piece is decorated with palmetted ornament in relief and there are cartouches with inscriptions in North West Indian script, now practically illegible. The gun is equipped with a pair of lifting rings at breech and muzzle and also has dolphins; the base ring is stamped with the weight 11-0-3 and the cascabel is numbered 7. Two small blocks form a fore sight and a rear sight.
The carriage is similar to the carriages of No. XIX.158 and 159 except in detail.
Mounted on wooden field carriage with traversing lever


Dimensions: Length: 72 in (182.9 cm), Diameter of trunnions: 3.75 in, Diameter of muzzle: 9.5 in, Diameter of breech: 10.5 in Weight: 11 cwt 3 lb (560.2 kg)


Serial Number 7


3.9 in (9.9 cm)


Places India

Bibliographic References

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